Everything You Need to Know About a Country Before Importing, Just a Click Away

9 Jul 2024

Get a clear and comprehensible assessment of the import and export landscape of the most attractive international markets.


A company dedicated to Importer of Record services covers many needs, including everything from importing and storage to the final delivery of products in the destination country. The company handles the entire process, allowing its clients to focus on commercial growth without worrying about legal and administrative complexities.

Companies gain a significant competitive advantage by choosing an IOR, empowering them to enter new markets without establishing a legal entity in each destination country.

IOR companies like us act on behalf of our clients, managing all legal and logistical aspects to ensure a smooth entry into any international market.

Global Trade Essentials

To reinforce our commitment to the companies that trust us with their global expansion, we are pleased to announce Global Trade Essentials, designed to simplify and enhance international trade operations.

At Aerodoc, we understand that lacking information and knowledge can hinder development. That’s why we are committed to demystifying the complexities of global trade and providing you with the support you need to focus solely on growing your business.

Global Trade Essentials will provide a clear and comprehensible assessment of the import and export landscape of the most attractive international markets. Our main goal is to share our extensive logistics experience with your company as clearly and understandably as possible.

Global Trade Essentials, IOR, Technology

How will we do it? Through Aerodoc Score.

The Aerodoc Score is a unique industry feature that simplifies understanding the ease of importing with a straightforward rating. The score ranges from ‘A’ (import-friendly environment) to ‘D’ (characterized by obstacles, high rates, and discretion), providing a quick overview of trade conditions.

Inside the Aerodoc Score

Knowing information about a destination before importing technology is essential. One of the first aspects to consider is the language, as documentation, contracts, and technical specifications must be accurately translated and adapted to avoid misunderstandings and ensure regulatory compliance.

Additionally, it is crucial to understand the country’s total exports and imports. This data provides insight into the trade volume and the significance of the technology sector in the local economy. It can also give an overview of demand and competition.

Another essential indicator is the GDP ranking. A high GDP can indicate a market with greater purchasing power and higher demand for advanced technological products.

Each country has its specific requirements for import permits and licenses. Knowing these administrative procedures is crucial to avoid delays and ensure products comply with all local regulations.

The average tariff and customs duties are economic factors that can significantly influence the final cost of imported products. A company must calculate these additional costs to assess the profitability of entering the market and to set competitive prices.

“Having precise data for each country is crucial, as the same product may have different tariffs and costs depending on the market. Our customers need information about duties and taxes, import costs, and the licenses and permits required for each country they plan to enter,” states Maria Carolina Muller, VP of Business Development.

Muller explains, “Aerodoc aims to provide a comprehensive solution encompassing all the aforementioned details. For instance, we have successfully executed projects in over 100 countries, meticulously managing all necessary bureaucracy, costs, and formalities in each respective country.

Global Trade Essentials, IOR, Technology

Awareness of any prohibitions in the destination market is also essential. Some countries may restrict certain types of technology for security, public health, or economic policies, limiting the range of devices and equipment that can be imported.

Market specifics such as consumer preferences, technological infrastructure, and government policies also play a crucial role. Understanding these particularities allows a company to adapt its market and product strategy to meet local needs and expectations.

Having a deep knowledge of these factors enables a company to make informed decisions, avoid legal and financial issues, and maximize opportunities for success in international expansion.

Argentina’s Trade Environment

We’re kicking off Global Trade Essentials, starting with Argentina as the first of many countries we will share. As your Importer of Record in Argentina, Aerodoc ensures compliance with local regulations, simplifying the import process. Our expertise in navigating Argentina’s trade laws, from average tariffs to customs duties and sales taxes, positions your business for success in this market.

For more details on Argentina as an import market, download the entire document and sign up to learn more about the Aerodoc Score categories (A, B, C, and D). Each one is based on factors such as the need for permits, the predictability of customs clearance times, and the level of bureaucracy. You will also find a list of countries and their respective rankings.

Stay updated with the latest information on each international market we cover.

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