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Meet our world-class freight forwarding service, backed by extensive experience and high levels of compliance.

Meet our world-class freight forwarding service, backed by extensive experience and high levels of compliance.

Aerodoc’s Global Solutions epitomize world-class freight forwarding, marked by extensive industry experience and unwavering compliance. Our all-encompassing logistics solution covers every step of the journey.

Starting with Local Pick Up, we expertly retrieve your cargo from any global location. In Pre-Compliance, we meticulously ensure capability and review essential documentation and customs prerequisites. For Exporting, we oversee the entire process, from documentation to customs, ensuring a smooth export operation. Our Freight Forwarding service excels at securing favorable transportation rates and offers real-time tracking for your cargo.

Importing is a standout feature, with licenses in over 170 countries. At the destination, Customs Clearance is streamlined, including document submission and tax payments. Upon arrival at our state-of-the-art facility, Warehousing involves thorough inspection and live tracking for transparency. Lastly, we aim to track the Last Mile Delivery, even in challenging areas.

Choose Aerodoc’s Global Solutions for a seamless, compliant, and world-class freight forwarding experience, where your cargo is handled with expertise from start to finish. Find in Aerodoc professionals in logistics and international trade and follow your shipments in real time with the best technology.

End-To-End Project Coordination

From The Origin to Export


We coordinate with whoever has possession of the equipment to be shipped to pick it up and take it to our warehouse in MIA or to the warehouse of our partners anywhere in more than 170 countries.


Upon receiving a service request, we immediately initiate the pre-compliance process, ensuring service capability and gathering required operational information, including customs values and documentation.


In cases where customers require this service, we take care of all the documentation and customs formalities necessary to carry out the export process.We can advise and act at every step of the process.


In Freight forwarding, we negotiate transportation rates, handle loading and unloading, and oversee the physical goods’ journey from A to B with live tracking form our customer portal.

Arrival at Destination and Last-Mile Delivery


It stands out for being our star service. We currently have import licenses in more than 170 countries, allowing our customers to import certain goods wherever they want without having their own entity.


At this point, we take care of all the necessary steps at the destination customs to release the merchandise and move on to the last mile. We present documentation and, pay taxes, etc.


We receive and inspect merchandise at our warehouse, then upload it to our system. Clients can track their products through our integrated ERP and live portal for added security and transparency.


This is a critical moment in our operations, marking the final logistics stretch from release to end-user delivery. Tracking services in some areas is a challenge.


Consistent transactions for different types of products and IT solutions. Clear asset ownership and transaction definitions, compliant with customs. All transactions in local currency for the customer and single go-to entity for your international transactions. 


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What is Aerodoc's Global Solutions?

Aerodoc’s Global Solutions is a comprehensive and world-class freight forwarding solution designed to streamline every aspect of the logistics process. We leverage our extensive experience and dedication to compliance to offer a service that covers everything from equipment pickup to last-mile delivery, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for our clients.

Can you explain the "Local Pick Up" service in more detail?

Our “Local Pick Up” service is the initial step in our logistics process. We work closely with individuals or entities holding the equipment to be shipped, regardless of their location worldwide. Our team coordinates the pickup and transports the equipment either to our Miami-based warehouse or to partner warehouses strategically positioned around the globe. This step ensures that your cargo is securely collected and ready for the next stages of the logistics journey.

Why is "Pre-Compliance" important, and what does it entail?

Pre-Compliance plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success of your logistics operation. When we receive a service request, we initiate the pre-compliance process. This involves a thorough assessment to confirm that we can meet your specific service requirements. Additionally, we meticulously survey all aspects necessary for a successful operation, including customs documentation and value declarations. This step is essential for minimizing delays and ensuring that your cargo moves smoothly through the logistics pipeline.

What support does Aerodoc offer for "Exporting"?

Our commitment to a hassle-free experience extends to our “Exporting” service. We take care of all documentation and customs formalities required for exporting goods. This includes handling the paperwork, ensuring compliance with export regulations, and managing customs procedures. Our goal is to relieve you of the administrative burden associated with exports, allowing you to focus on your core business.

How does Aerodoc's "Freight Forwarding" service benefit clients?

Our “Freight Forwarding” service is a cornerstone of our offering. It involves negotiating the best transportation rates on your behalf and coordinating various associated services, such as loading and unloading. Additionally, we provide a live tracking system that allows you to monitor the entire transportation process from the origin to the destination in real-time. This transparency ensures that you are always informed about the status of your cargo, enhancing peace of mind and control over your shipments.

Can you elaborate on what makes Aerodoc's "Importing" service stand out?

Certainly! Our “Importing” service is one of our flagship offerings. What sets it apart is our extensive network of import licenses in more than 170 countries. This unique capability empowers our clients to import specific goods globally without the need to establish their own entities or navigate complex legal requirements in each country. It significantly simplifies the process and opens up new opportunities for international trade.

How does Aerodoc manage "Customs Clearance" at the destination?

“Customs Clearance” is a critical step in the logistics process, and we excel in managing it efficiently. At the destination, we take care of all necessary procedures, including the submission of required documentation, payment of taxes, and compliance with customs regulations. This meticulous approach ensures that your merchandise is swiftly released and can proceed to the final stages of its journey.

Tell me more about the "Warehousing" process at Aerodoc

Our “Warehousing” process is designed to provide a secure and organized environment for your merchandise. Upon arrival at our state-of-the-art facility, our team conducts thorough inspections to ensure product integrity. We also perform detailed inventory checks to maintain accurate records of your inventory. To further enhance transparency, we employ an integrated ERP system and a live portal that allows clients to track their products at every stage of the journey. This portal streamlines inventory management and ensures that you have real-time access to crucial information.

Why is "Last Mile Delivery" important in Aerodoc's operations?

“Last Mile Delivery” represents the final leg of the logistics journey, and we recognize its significance. It’s the moment of truth in our operations, as it involves the transition from the release of goods to their ultimate delivery to end-users. Even in challenging regions, such as certain areas in Latin America, we make it a priority to track this journey, ensuring that your cargo reaches its destination seamlessly and on time.

Can you explain the concept of "International Billing in Local Currencies" further?

International Billing in Local Currencies is a key feature of our service. It entails conducting transactions in the local currency of the customer, providing consistency and convenience. We ensure that different types of products and IT solutions are billed in a manner that aligns with customs regulations and best practices. This approach not only simplifies international transactions but also offers clarity in terms of asset ownership and transaction definitions. Our goal is to be your single go-to entity for all your international transactions, ensuring a smooth and compliant process.

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