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How Aerodoc Helped a Customer Manufacture a Brand-New Antenna to Make Logistics Easier

11 Aug 2023

For Aerodoc, customizing solutions to be closer is more than just a catchphrase. We firmly believe that, in an increasingly commoditized world, you can only stand out if you provide tailored services to meet each customer’s needs. Aerodoc is well versed in this – that’s how our customers managed to avoid missing significant business opportunities.

Aerodoc has 25-plus years’ experience helping companies expand into hard-to-reach countries. We operate in more than 170 countries around the world, specializing in IT, Telecoms, Broadcasting, and Satellites, among other industries.

We stand out – and the success story below proves it – for providing much more than logistics. We have a wide portfolio of value-added services that we can adapt to your needs.

Customer Challenge

An Aerodoc customer needed to deploy a series of antennas for an Antenna Seeding Program in Latin America. These were classic models manufactured in the US, with a 12.13-feet dish; they came together or split into two or four petals.


For this project, last-mile delivery was crucial, particularly in areas where the availability of equipment was scarce, resulting in high costs and delays. To make logistics easier and more efficient for our customers, We did what no other logistics operator would have done: helping the customer manufacture a new antenna.

Aerodoc Solution

Aerodoc researched how to build a new eight-petal antenna, contacting a top and sophisticated Asian manufacturer. This new model was successfully manufactured and even certified by the largest global satellite operators. We provided training and support for the assembly and installation process of the antenna, as cable operators were not familiar with this innovative model.

Aerodoc also provided help desk services with a satellite engineer, which helped cable companies install the antennas.


This story is one of many examples of Aerodoc’s deep understanding of our customers’ business and our willingness to go beyond – we do not just provide logistics services, but also seek to offer a comprehensive solution with as much attention to detail as possible, leveraging almost three decades of experience and our reputation in the industry.

To obtain additional details regarding our IOR Solution, please get in touch with our team.

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