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How an American IT Reseller Managed to Reach Over 40 Countries

6 Oct 2022

Technology resellers have become popular around the world due to their tech expertise, proximity to manufacturers, and ability to install devices in offices, universities, hospitals, and anywhere a connection is needed.

But how can a U.S.-based reseller provide a comprehensive service in dozens of destinations outside its home country? How can it offer services in continents where it does not have a presence? The answer is very simple: with Aerodoc’s help.

Customer challenge

A U.S.-based IT reseller with more than $7 billion in sales sought to expand internationally. The company implements cloud solutions while also delivering physical and virtual IT infrastructure; its products ensure security and online collaboration for customers, so its experts deploy infrastructures and connect them to a reliable network. This company has the know-how to provide both quality services and physical assets.

Aerodoc’s solution

Aerodoc offered a Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) with Importer of Record (IOR) service, i.e., door-to-door service in more than 40 countries. Under DDP, sellers – in this case, our customer – cover all costs, including import duties, tariffs, VAT, and freight, with Aerodoc acting as IOR to help the reseller ship its merchandise to the country of destination, where it will be tested and installed by its experts in the end client’s facilities.


Since they sell and install the right product to deliver outstanding performance, IT resellers are very careful. Therefore, this case study’s complexity lies in the kind of goods shipped – mostly routers, switchers, and servers – their sensitivity, and the countries of destination, including both developed nations and territories with customs bottlenecks. Aerodoc’s differentiator was the concurrent management of multiple shipments to different countries, ensuring delivery deadlines are met.


Aerodoc built a solution tailored to the reseller’s needs to help it take its business into countries where it does not have a legal entity or import capabilities. Aerodoc’s DDP/IOR service allowed it to expand its solutions for customers around the world, which in turn helped end customers get world-class technology without negotiating with multiple vendors or managing imports.

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