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How Our Warehousing Service Improved Time-to-Market, Ended Delays, And Cut Fixed Costs For Our Customer

27 Apr 2023

Inventory management and timely product delivery can be a major headache for companies. Learn about a customer who, after working with a large logistics operator, went to us looking for better service (and more attention).

Aerodoc’s mission is to adapt to each customer’s unique needs. This is more than a motto – it is something we apply to concrete situations and customers that come to us reeling from bad experiences.

The truth is that often, logistics operators cannot provide what you need, not because they are bad at what they do, but because your business may be unattractive for them due to the volume they need – and wish – to handle. The result: Inefficient service.

Companies who have been through this want something different. Many of them knock on our door thanks to positive opinions about our job, hire us because of our 25-plus years’ experience, and stay with us because we treat every customer the same, regardless of their size, volume, or business model.

The customer story below is a great example of that.

Customer Challenge

One of our customers is part of the regional division of a leading audio/video solutions company, which specializes in selling equipment for smart corporations, educational institutions, and homes: videoconferencing rooms, support materials, isolating materials, etc.

This customer had problems with inventory management and struggled to ensure timely delivery to its customers. Before reaching us, they worked with a large-sized logistics operator. Compared with customers that move dozens of containers every day, our customer’s traffic volume was rather unattractive for their previous provider, resulting in delays and a slower time-to-market.

Aerodoc’s Solution

Aerodoc offered this customer Aerodoc Warehouse Managed Services (AWMS), a full inventory management service, where we get instructions for each order and execute them within 24 to 48 hours, depending on their size and complexity. This customer hired us for a three-year period, during which we carried out the migration of their existing stock, received new components every day, and handled sold shipments. Furthermore, we conducted stocktaking once a year.

This produced outstanding results. Time-to-market was significantly improved, inventory is error-free, and our customer was able to get rid of a few pallet positions that were devoted to managing their previous provider and added zero value to the operation. Thanks to our optimal inventory management and warehousing placement strategies, we optimized the space used for storage.


The initial complexity was the migration between providers. To do this, Aerodoc created a plan to be carried out in between one and two weeks. At the same time, a software was developed to impact on the customer’s system in order to increase cooperation between both companies.


AWMS (Aerodoc Warehouse Managed Services) allowed our customer to improve its response times, reduce their variable OPEX, and cut fixed monitoring costs, as well as those related to ensuring their provider delivers their service.

For Aerodoc, every customer is relevant regardless of their relative size. We work using Service Level Agreements (SLA), a contract that describes the service level a customer can expect from a provider, which requires us to schedule operations in order to fulfill those demands.

To obtain additional details regarding our warehousing solution, please get in touch with our team.


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