How to Sell Technology Abroad Without Working With IT Local Distributors

20 Jun 2024

With Aerodoc’s Buy-Sell service, you can bypass steep brokerage fees and secure global discounts through a single partner.


At Aerodoc, we have over 25 years of experience working with the technology industry. We collaborate with manufacturers and distributors—both regional and local—from different parts of the world and understand their businesses, processes, and the critical role of the distribution chain in their operations.

However, we also recognize that avoiding the high brokerage fees charged by distributors can offer a significant competitive edge and commercial opportunity. This is particularly relevant given the robust growth projected for the technology market. A recent Bloomberg report indicated that IT spending reached $4.7 trillion in 2023. This expenditure covers a range of devices, including mobile phones, printers, data center systems, communications services, tablets, computers, and enterprise software. Furthermore, Gartner predicts global IT spending will reach $5 trillion by 2024.

These positive trends are noteworthy, especially considering the geopolitical factors that have been impeding the development of international trade. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has pointed out these challenges, which threaten global trade, energy, and food security.

The potential for technology manufacturers and distributors is vast. At Aerodoc, we serve as your gateway to those challenging-to-reach markets. We are crucial to streamlining much of the distribution chain, enabling you to offer better pricing to the end customer.

IOR, Delivery Duty Paid, Logistics

Sell Anywhere in the World

At Aerodoc, we provide a solution for those looking to sell globally in countries where they do not have a legal presence. Beyond the primary markets, our extensive experience in the technology industry enables us to navigate countries with complex regulations and standards, making it challenging to enter the technology market without the support of a strategic partner like Aerodoc.

“We offer a comprehensive Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) service along with our Importer of Record expertise to facilitate global exports,” says Dan Zonnenschein, COO of Aerodoc. “Our DDP service allows you to export your goods to any continent. We manage all aspects of the logistics process, including customs clearance, import duties, and taxes, ensuring that your products arrive at their destination smoothly,” he adds.

IOR, Delivery Duty Paid, Logistics

Through our Importer of Record services, we serve as the authorized importer of record on your behalf in countries where you lack a legal entity. This allows you to confidently enter new markets without navigating legal complexities. Our one-stop-shop solution offers door-to-door delivery and efficient last-mile services, managing all customs, compliance, and documentation requirements. This streamlined approach ensures a smooth and hassle-free entry into new markets, letting you focus on expanding your business.

Personalized Service

Aerodoc offers a distinctive solution that addresses specific customer needs. We understand that buyers often need to use local funds for purchases due to tax efficiency, or they may prefer local operations but desire the competitive international prices that a large reseller can offer. Consequently, Aerodoc facilitates manufacturers’ and distributors’ entry of goods into dozens of countries and handles local sales.

German Muller, CEO of Aerodoc, notes that this service is particularly sought after by manufacturers or distributors who want to provide personalized service and direct commercial attention to their customers without intermediaries.

“The main advantage of our Buy-Sell service is that products from the manufacturer or distributor, whether regional or local, can be delivered locally without needing a legal entity in the customer’s country,” Muller explains. “We import products, deliver them, invoice them locally, and charge the final value of the goods in the local currency, including logistics services and taxes. We then transfer the FOB value of the equipment to the manufacturer or distributor.”

He adds, “This arrangement allows the manufacturer or distributor to obtain global discounts from a single partner and avoid high brokerage fees.”

If you are a manufacturer or technology distributor and want to learn more about how Aerodoc can help streamline your international operations, please contact our team of experts.

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