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Land in the US CEO Agustina Laredo: “Aerodoc is Our Primary Warehousing and Distribution Partner”

6 Feb 2024

It’s time to spice up our ongoing series of A Cup of Coffee With…: for our next few talks, we will sit down with some of the companies that trust Aerodoc’s services. These are organizations we have been nurturing a solid, enduring relationship with for years. Indeed, that’s our company’s biggest differentiator: we act as strategic partners for companies that bet on their own growth and global expansion by establishing long-term relationships.

In today’s edition, Aerodoc’s Head of Business Development, Carolina Müller, sat down with  Agustina García Laredo, Founder & CEO of Land in the US, a company that works with Latin American retailers wishing to reach the US market. Land in the US’ mission is to help them communicate, plan, and implement a successful strategy to enter the country.

Land in the US will coordinate the step-by-step establishment of the business with their most recommended and professional suppliers. Aerodoc has played a key role in aiding Laredo and her business model by being a key partner at the moment her clients need warehousing space.  

Together, Aerodoc and Land in the US have provided a soft landing for those companies that can’t pay high costs but need to rapidly cover the US market: Aerodoc, provides the 360 logistic proportion, and Land in the US crafts the entire business model to the clients.

Carolina Muller: What does Land in the US do?

Agustina García Laredo: Land in the US helps foreign companies start a business in the US market, from the more data-based aspects of the process, like market research, to launching and operating a business. We also deal with business structures, logistics, design, production, staffing, point of sales/work, etc.

Do you often start a project from scratch or take things that are already working in another country?

It’s a little of both. Some clients ask me to start a business in a specific market; others want to replicate something that already works somewhere else. Every now and then, we adapt something to the US market.

Where do your clients come from? Any region or country in particular?

Currently, we are getting a lot of queries from Argentina. We believe this is due to the political, economic, and regulatory outlook in that country, which prevents companies from expanding or considering long-term projects.

Agustina García Laredo, Founder & CEO of Land in the US

What are the biggest hurdles for companies that want to set up shop and do business in the USA?

The biggest obstacle is the gap between plan and reality. In the USA, you can do business as you please, because regulations allow it, but you must invest enough and work hard. Success is never guaranteed! That’s a problem for us Latin Americans – many of us want to get a lot of things without spending money. That kind of client is set up to fail before they even start.

What industries do you work with?

My biggest clients and industries happen to be female-centric: home décor, fashion, beauty. This is perhaps due to the affinity our clients might feel with our team and my background and expertise in that area. Nevertheless, we do a lot of things and market research for segments such as beverages and coffee shops.

How is your relationship with Aerodoc?

We have a close bond – they are our biggest partner helping us warehouse and distribute products for our clients.

How has Aerodoc helped your clients with their US operations?

Aerodoc provides warehousing services and processes and dispatches our clients’ web requests. It also provides distribution services to various points of sale. Most of our clients who are served by Aerodoc come from the home décor and fashion industry selling through digital channels and online marketplaces.

What are the advantages and benefits of outsourcing your fulfillment services to Aerodoc?

By outsourcing that service, our clients can cut their fixed operational costs associated with having their own warehouse and employees. With Aerodoc, our clients pay only for the space they use and for each order shipped.

Aerodoc is a company with more than 25 years of experience in the logistics market. If you want to know more about our services, please contact our team.

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