Outsourcing Part Or All Your Company’s Warehousing Operations To Aerodoc

13 Dec 2023

Aerodoc Warehouse Managed Services (AWMS) is an ideal solution for companies that are not ready to fully outsource their warehouse operations.

You may have clicked on this article for two reasons: either your company already has a warehouse or it needs one. The good news is that Aerodoc can help you in both cases. Regardless of your situation, it’s always a good idea to check out what other growing companies do when they need more infrastructure but cannot afford higher fixed costs.

Building a warehouse from scratch has its risks. So does managing it: more employees, more machines, more administrative expenses… and we’re only getting started.

Many Aerodoc clients look for access to a warehouse on the other side of the world, far from their biggest factory or their headquarters, in a different country or continent; indeed, this can be a geography they might not know much about, with a different language, culture, and bureaucracy. With all this in mind, these clients opt for fully – or partially, if they already own a warehouse – outsourcing that service to providers such as Aerodoc.

A Strategic Hub to For Market Penetration

In any case, your warehouse will turn into a key hub to enter a new market. It might help your company supply its clients throughout that country or even – as is the case with many Aerodoc clients – an entire region. Because of this, your new logistics partner’s service quality and know-how become deeply engrained into your growth strategy.

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Aerodoc has its own warehouse in Florida and an agent network in more than 170 countries to provide its global warehousing and compliance services. In the past two decades, that warehouse has grown into a world-class logistics hub for satellite, telecoms, and IT (data centers, AV technology, tech resellers/integrators) companies and B2B-focused e-commerce businesses.

Aerodoc’s clients have high unit-value products and see us as an ideal operator because of our 25-plus years’ experience in those industries and the benefits we can provide, such as cost savings and a shorter time to market.

Customer Story: Crestron

Whether you opt for fully or partially outsourcing that service to Aerodoc, Crestron’s story can help you understand the benefits of operating with a niche company.

Crestron is a major AV multinational corporation that manufactures smart products for homes and companies. Aerodoc’s Miami warehouse became Crestron’s key logistics hub to enter and supply the Latin American market. “We handled all their Latin America-bound inventory from our warehouse,” explains María Carolina Muller, Head of Business Development at Aerodoc.

Warehouse, Warehousing, Miami, US, United States

Crestron trusted Aerodoc not only with warehousing, but also with inventory management, requests, and product distribution in South America. “We integrated our SAP system with their operational system so they could have complete real-time visibility of their inventory,” Muller explains.


Thanks to this, the client’s stock (both inbound and outbound products) is fully traceable, and they can manage each request for every client. “Every day, Aerodoc did pickings and prepared and delivered cargo for each client,” says Muller, “the ability to see all this in real-time provides a lot of visibility over your company’s bottom line.”

According to Creston, the bet on Aerodoc was based on the need for increased operational reliability, considering every particular factor. “We needed qualified personnel with no turnovers. We expressed this need right from the start, which resulted in the creation of a joint working plan that has significantly improved operational outcomes,” the company said.

Muller added that “by outsourcing this service with us, they went from having three people at their warehouse to just one Aerodoc team member. Moreover, they only paid for warehousing and outbound products, which helped their bottom line.”

Creston also appreciated Aerodoc’s customized support: “The comprehensive solutions between our ERPs were also very useful, as communication to coordinate daily services became more fluid, as well as the customized service they provided for specific cases or emergencies.”

A Hybrid Model

Some of the companies that reach out to Aerodoc already manage their own warehouse; in some cases, they are outsourcing that service to a third party but, due to their volume and turnover, plan to build their own warehouse. Aerodoc has a solution for these companies too.

Under Aerodoc’s hybrid warehousing model, we manage warehouses for companies that are not ready to fully outsource their operations or manage them on their own. Most of these companies are in a middle phase, where Aerodoc contributes human resources and operational expertise and they provide the physical space (the warehouse).

Warehouse, Warehousing, Miami, US, United States

AWMS’ hybrid model integrates with other Aerodoc services and features to increase its customers’ global presence, including:

  • A 3PO (third-party operation business unit);
  • A logistics service provider specialized in providing a comprehensive international business solution, especially for IT and telecom companies;
  • A proprietary integrated warehousing management system, which integrates with various e-commerce platforms to help achieve timely order fulfillment;
  • Expertise in logistics, cross-border imports, IOR, fulfillment centers, owned inventory management, and global expansion solutions.

Having your own warehouse provides benefits such as greater control over logistics and your supply chain, but can also bring significant challenges regarding costs, management, adaptability, and regulatory compliance. You must factor all that into your decision-making process for your company’s logistics management. The choice between having your own warehouse or outsourcing mostly depends on your company’s unique needs and its business strategy.

If you are looking for a service like this, contact us. Our team of experts will be available for whatever you need.


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