Néstor Medina: “Conversations Are Essential, As You Can Really Feel What Customers Expect From Our Work”

Aerodoc Sales Director Néstor Medina is our guest on the latest edition of A Cup of Coffee With…, our ongoing series of talks with Aerodoc’s executives about their work, where we let them showcase their expert take on our customers’ most pressing issues. In an interview with Aerodoc COO Dan Zonnenschein, Medina stressed the importance of communication and the human value in a global company such as Aerodoc.

What Is the CTPAT Certification

After the 9/11 attacks, the USA created specific documentation to fight against terrorism. The resulting CTPAT program is voluntary, but membership offers significant benefits when importing goods into the country.

Francisco Ricci: “Countries Are Moving Towards Protectionism”

Francisco Ricci, International Logistics Research and Development Director at Aerodoc, joined us for a new edition of A Cup of Coffee With…, our series of conversations with our senior executives. This new round of interviews will be conducted by COO Dan Zonnenschein.

Rocío Scavuzzo: “Customs Valuation and Last-Mile Delivery Are on the Rise”

In this new edition of A Cup of Coffee With…, a series of conversations between our senior executives and Aerodoc’s area leaders, Pricing & Compliance Leader Rocío Scavuzzo explains how they assess the feasibility of customer projects and what they do to make things happen.

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