Global Logistics
Global Logistics

Trade Compliance And The Importance of Having an IOR Partner

IOR partners with trade compliance expertise are essential to ensure successful business logistics.

Warehouse vs. Distribution Center: What’s the Difference?

Both are key components of corporate logistics processes, but warehouses and distribution centers have significant differences.

DDP with IOR: How to Overcome Trade Barriers and Expand Globally

Learn how Aerodoc’s DDP with IOR service provides a comprehensive solution for importation and door-to-door delivery by handling customs and legal matters in the country of destination.

Aerodoc’s Executives Reveal the Company’s Secret to Provide Seamless Service In More Than 170 Countries

This edition of A Cup of Coffee With…, our ongoing series of talks with Aerodoc’s executives about their work, shakes things up – this time, two executives sat with COO Dan Zonnenschein to answer his questions.

How to Add Insurance to Your Merchandise For International Shipping

Learn the risks and accidents covered by international logistics insurance.

Bonded Warehousing vs. Non-Bonded Warehousing: Differences and Benefits

Two concepts are key for any company engaging in local and international logistics: bonded warehousing and non-bonded warehousing. Each has its own benefits for users.

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