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How Mexico Managed to Dethrone China as the Biggest Exporter to the US and What This Means for Logistics

After 17 years at the top, China is no longer the biggest exporter of goods and services into the US.

Land in the US CEO Agustina Laredo: “Aerodoc is Our Primary Warehousing and Distribution Partner”

In today’s edition, Aerodoc’s Head of Business Development, Carolina Müller, sat down with  Agustina García Laredo, Founder & CEO of Land in the US, a company that works with Latin American retailers wishing to reach the US market. Land in the US’ mission is to help them communicate, plan, and implement a successful strategy to enter the country.

Outsourcing Part Or All Your Company’s Warehousing Operations To Aerodoc

Aerodoc Warehouse Managed Services (AWMS) is an ideal solution for companies that are not ready to fully outsource their warehouse operations.

What You Need to Know to Import Technology Into the US

Importing technology, satellites, antennas and data center components is a complex process that requires careful planning to comply with all rules and regulations.

Carolina Muller: “Aerodoc Supports Customers Every Step of The Way in Their Soft Landing in the USA”

On this edition of A Cup of Coffee With… a series of interviews with our senior executives, Aerodoc COO Dan Zonnenschein talked with Head of Business Development Carolina Muller about the creation of Aerodoc’s ecommerce fulfillment area and how it helps many companies aiming to get a foothold in the large American marketplaces.

What Is the CTPAT Certification

After the 9/11 attacks, the USA created specific documentation to fight against terrorism. The resulting CTPAT program is voluntary, but membership offers significant benefits when importing goods into the country.

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