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12 Mar 2024

Learn more about the Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) service with Importer of Record (IOR) and how it can pave the way for your business to enter new countries.

For many businesses and industries, breaking down the barriers posed by the very geography of the world map, with its regulations and bureaucracies, is a major stumbling block along the way. To such an extent that, in some cases, it can conspire against the expansion of a project or truncate a great commercial possibility.

The more complex and sophisticated the industry, the greater this obstacle becomes. And, in the technology world, this is commonplace. Often, a company dedicated to the installation of Data Centers finds it difficult to operate in a country where it has no legal representation. Or a satellite company has to ship and install twenty antennas in a country that is difficult to access – with the addition of having to move highly sensitive material thousands of kilometers and comply with all the customs requirements of the destination country (or countries).

The same is true for companies that sell infrastructure and technology devices. For example, when it comes to sending cargo to four, five or ten different countries and, in the process, it requires a consolidation point on the other side of the world to prepare shipments to destination and save costs. Something similar happens with Audio and Video Integrators (AV), which handle global projects that require the installation of equipment and rooms in several countries.

For these reasons, all these industries need the Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) with Ior Services This is precisely our expertise at Aerodoc: solving logistics problems comprehensively in over 170 countries around the world.

DDP with IOR: what is the service about?

According to Incoterms (International Commerce Terms), Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) is defined as a transaction in which the seller is responsible for all costs and risks associated with the delivery of the goods to the buyer at the named place. What does this include? Freight, duties, taxes, insurance and customs duties applicable in the destination country.


At the same time, Import of Record refers to the role of an entity or company in complying with all legal and customs requirements in the destination country.

Aerodoc is a company with more than 25 years of experience providing this service in more than 170 countries, with the mission to simplify global trade and particularly benefiting industries such as IT, broadcasting, satellite and AV Integrators. It is a comprehensive service that guarantees seamless door-to-door delivery, providing a complete solution for delivery and import logistics.

Through the DDP service with IOR, Aerodoc will act as Importer of Record in countries where its customers have no legal entity, being responsible for complying with customs requirements, obtaining the necessary licenses and permits and ensuring that the goods comply with all regulations in the destination country.

Below, we will show you the solutions that this service provides to each industry.

DDP with IOR by industry

Technology resellers

Many companies ship or sell technology solutions that they must first purchase from multiple vendors. Aerodoc acts as a consolidation center for those purchases. How? Customers share with Aerodoc their purchase orders, tracking numbers and the date the shipment will be ready. It then helps them track those shipments or coordinate pickups as each shipment is ready.

It can also intervene in other ways. “On some occasions, customers ask us to repackage cargo according to the needs of each individual delivery point,” explains Estefania Sisatzky, EVP of OPS & Customer Experience at Aerodoc.

This means that, if the customer makes centralized purchases for three or four locations in different countries, each will be equipped with different components received by Aerodoc. “To do this, the customer sends us a pick list with instructions for configuring each site and Aerodoc handles the inventory, order segregation and configuration of each site for subsequent delivery,” says Sisatzky.


On some occasions, Aerodoc also receives specialists such as technicians or Project Managers in charge of preparing the sites. “In those cases, we become a consolidation node, where experts work on shipment segregation or even more complex preconfiguration or configuration tasks,” adds the specialist.

In this way, Aerodoc becomes a fundamental bulwark for companies that sell infrastructure and technology devices, providing cost savings while supporting each customer’s sourcing policies and providing value-added services.

AV Integrators

Technology integrators provide audiovisual, unified communications, digital signage and IoT solutions and act as an entry point for the incorporation, adaptation and maintenance of technology in companies. For integrators, international and local logistics are essential to the business.


Many of the technologies available in countries such as the United States, Europe or production centers in Asia are not offered by local resellers. That is where the link with companies like Aerodoc begins: to guarantee shipments, import and allow the technology equipment to arrive at its destination in time and form for installation

Maria Carolina Muller, VP of Business Development at Aerodoc, explains that the company can offer “support in the more logistical aspect of technological implementation,” such as importing products and setting up rooms. “We can also help replicate a video or conference room in several regions, thinking of those clients who want to complete projects without the need to establish a legal entity in each destination,” she adds.

According to Muller, the pandemic was a big boost for this type of operation, as AV and UC integrators helped develop hybrid work and videoconferencing rooms so that once workers were back in the office, they could work remotely with others around the world through an AV connection that gives the feeling that everyone is sharing the same room.

Data Centers

In recent years, cloud service providers have opted to build data centers in strategic locations closer to their users. This phenomenon, also driven by the need to reduce latency and improve the end-user experience, has led to a decentralization of the data center industry, once concentrated in the United States and Europe.

Aerodoc COO Dan Zonnenschein highlighted the company’s key role in that expansion by explaining that “since 2020, Aerodoc has been steadily expanding, supporting the distribution of data center equipment around the world, especially in Latin America and Asia.”


According to Zonnenschein, Aerodoc’s Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) + IOR service has helped several data centers ship equipment to countries with complex import processes, accelerating their implementation.

Broadcasting & Telecommunications

International telecommunications companies are faced with the need to transport sophisticated transmission technology to the other side of the world. Often, such companies are faced with extremely complex shipments that require special handling, such as state-of-the-art technological devices, satellites and bulky and sensitive equipment. Exactly the field of expertise of Aerodoc.

Aerodoc has more than 25 years of experience working with experienced logistics providers in handling sensitive cargo and white glove services for local delivery, ensuring cargo integrity.


Unlike other logistics providers, Aerodoc is involved in the entire process. If necessary, it provides training and support for the antenna assembly and installation process in cases where cable operators are unfamiliar with the technology they receive at destination. It can also provide technical assistance services with a satellite engineer, who helps cable companies install the antennas.

Benefits of Aerodoc DDP with IOR Service

  • One-Stop Shop Solution: Aerodoc simplifies global trade by offering a DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) with IOR service, allowing you to manage your entire cross-border operation in a single streamlined process.
  • Cross-border sales: Aerodoc acts as your IOR, facilitating cross-border sales without the need to establish legal entities in the destination countries, thus simplifying market expansion.
  • Import compliance: Our team ensures strict compliance with import regulations, reducing the risk of customs-related delays and compliance issues.
  • Customs Clearance: We provide expert customs clearance services, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for your shipments.
  • End-to-end transportation: Aerodoc takes care of everything from the collection of your goods, transportation, import to final delivery, offering a seamless logistics chain.
  • Freight Optimization: We optimize freight shipments to maximize efficiency and profitability, keeping your operations competitive.

If you want to know more about the Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) with Import on Record (IOR) service, please contact our team.

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