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Aerodoc is a US-based logistics company that offers an integrated logistics service.

Our Importer and Exporter of Record solution provides seamless logistics experience and enables you to import technology, hardware, and other assets into countries where you don’t have a legal entity. With our IOR/EOR service, you can extend your global reach to more than 170 countries.

We have a privately-owned warehouse and global locations that allow us to receive, dispatch, store, distribute, and install your inventory with a high degree of efficiency through our interconnected ERP software – Aerodoc Warehouse Managed Service.

For more than 25 years, we have been providing multiple services such as freight forwarding, fulfillment, 3PL, RMA & reverse logistics, temporary importation, and Door-to-Door services utilizing Miami as the center HUB and reaching dozens of territories in Latam, Europe and hard-to-reach countries.

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Importer of Record

Expand your borders and ship, trade or install your merchandise almost anywhere in the world. We’ll take care of everything: shipping, duties & taxes, documentation, and the final delivery at destination.

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WMS and Fulfillment

WMS and Fulfillment

Receive, store, and dispatch your merchandise from our warehouse until the last mile delivery. Following CTPAT standards and bonded space if required. Our fulfillment services help you develop your business in the United States and the world.

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Freight Forwarding

We provide personalized and efficient global logistic service thanks to our experienced staff and agents in more than 170 countries. We are experts in operating in remote locations and highly regulated territories, providing an end-to-end solution.

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About Us

Aerodoc is a privately held logistics services company founded more than 25 years ago in the United States, specializing initially in DPP with IOR for the satellite, broadcasting and telecommunications industries. Over the years, the company has expanded to dozens of countries and offers its services through certified partners in more than 170 territories.

The company provides high value-added services with professional work, business track record, high performance standards and the strictest compliance guidelines. Its clients are AAA public companies that demand high compliance standards or business that require a customized, flexible and high quality logistics service.

Today, Aerodoc offers a wide range of services, with great benefits for your customers, including:

  • Global network with presence in 170 countries
  • On-Line Platform manage and track your shipment
  • Strategic location in Miami, Florida, with an own warehouse
  • Reliable service, that ensures 100% control over the shipment
  • Technical expertise in IT, Telecommunications, Broadcasting and Satellite
  • Customized Solution with dedicated project managers
Door to Door Services

Seamlessly manage your shipments from pick-up to delivery, ensuring efficiency and convenience.

IOR & EOR Services

Simplify international trade compliance with our Importer of Record and Exporter of Record expertise.


Secure storage and efficient distribution solutions for your inventory needs in the US and other key locations.

Freight Forwarding

Expert cargo management for optimized shipping routes and timely deliveries.

Fulfillment Services

Enhance e-commerce operations with order processing, packaging, and efficient shipping.

Temporary Importation

Navigate customs complexities smoothly for temporary imports.

RMA & Reverse Logistics

Streamlined return management and reverse logistics processes to maximize asset recovery.

¾ PL Services

Customized third-party logistics solutions, offering partial outsourcing for a streamlined supply chain.

Industries We Serve

IT Hardware



Data Centers & Cloud

Audio Visual Technology

Unified Comms

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