3 Reasons Why An International Shipment Could Fail

25 Mar 2021

Because logistics is not an exact science, it depends on hundreds of both regional and legal variables. 

Whether you ship by land, air or sea, all international shipments face the same dangers: when there is a shipping issue, either they cannot be delivered, or the cost of delivery balloons out of control.

These are 3 reasons why an international shipment could fail:

❌ Customs Clearance

Of all the international shipping failures out there, customs issues are perhaps the most infuriating, especially if you do not have a trusted logistics partner to help you manage the cost and complexity of the customs clearance process.

❌ Shipping Speed 

Faster shipping usually mean higher costs. While slower shipping is less expensive, customers have become used to and expect faster shipping.

❌ Overcoming International Shipping Bottlenecks 

Frictions in the shipping process increase costs and delivery time, which end up generating frustration at the customers’ end.

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