Blockchain: From here to the future

26 Oct 2021

Blockchain was born more than a decade ago hand in hand with Bitcoin. It’s about an encrypted and distributed database: a huge account book in which many users validate their transactions and their information in a confidential and safe manner.

The benefits of this system are known to all: efficiency, automation, acceleration of transactions, flexibility, security and cost reduction. 

As society makes its way to a 4.0 industry, Blockchain presents itself as one of the key technologies for the time when machines talk to each other and IT makes decisions. But in the same way, hence Blockchain technology is subject to a big amount of control procedures, security standards and compliance rules. 

At Aerodoc we understand the importance of this new way of making business and we want to be part of this technological revolution, supporting the expasion of Blockchain infrastructure all over the world, by offering your company to take care of international logistics, compliance processes along with the delivery of the equipment to the final receiver.

We are experts on resolving successfully customs release processes in over 160 countries. Our differential value is focused on the broad and solid network of IoR and proprietary entities supporting the importation processes throughout the world since 1996.

But, how do we accomplish that?

Through DDP (Delivery duty Paid) service with IOR we can provide the servers and mining rigs manufacturers the possibility to offer their clients all the range of crypto mining products through the HaS business Model (Hardware as Service). 

What does this imply? 

AERODOC facilitates the HaS business model in countries where our customers don’t have legal entities, or dont want to be related to the logistics and import process.

Potentially, through our service, you can have access to over 160 new markets! That is expansion!

Crypto mining companies can also think about migrating technology while creating efficiencies in costs guided by the waves on electricity prices, or even upgrading technology using the DDP with IoR service of Aerodoc.  

At Aerodoc we offer you an integral service of deep knowledge on IOR logistics, legal and customs matters performed by our experts. 

Aerodoc, always a step ahead on logistics.

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