Carolina Muller: “Aerodoc Supports Customers Every Step of The Way in Their Soft Landing in the USA”

2 Aug 2023

On this edition of A Cup of Coffee With… a series of interviews with our senior executives,  Aerodoc COO Dan Zonnenschein talked with Head of Business Development Carolina Muller about the creation of Aerodoc’s e-commerce fulfillment area and how it helps many companies aiming to get a foothold in the large American marketplaces.

DZ: HI Carolina! Thank you for joining us in A Cup of Coffee With… Let’s start talking about you: when did you join Aerodoc and how was your life back then?

CM: I was raised in Argentina and Miami. I graduated from high school in the USA and left for college in NYC, where I studied Strategic Design and Management. Then, I returned to Argentina, where I entered the tech world by joining Newtech, a technology integrator, attending many events, and participating in female mentorship groups. 

Later, I met my partner and we decided to move to Miami together. That same year I specialized in Brand Management there. At the onset of the pandemic, in 2020, I began working in Product Management at Aerodoc. That’s when I decided to focus on logistics and started a Masters in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at FIU Business School in 2021. 

Since then, I’ve been working on Business Development at Aerodoc. From that role, I am developing new businesses linked to e-commerce fulfillment, cross-border selling, and IoR. Many customers I work with wish to expand their business to the USA, do cross-border selling online, and extend their global reach.

DZ: What does your job description look like today?

CM: Nowadays, I’m always on the lookout for innovative elements, thinking about potential applications in our industry to become more efficient, and chasing new business opportunities. I’m always applying new tools within Aerodoc to improve our daily processes and deploying solutions to expand our growth. 

DZ: Absolutely! Sounds very interesting. Do you feel Aerodoc supports you in your drive to innovate and stay at the forefront?

CM: Aerodoc is appreciated by many people not just as a great place to work, but also for its innovative profile in the industry – for the way we deploy tech, our role of logistics solutions engineers, and our internal culture.

Aerodoc Supports Customers Every Step of The Way in Their Soft Landing in the USA

Aerodoc has had a hybrid work culture from the get-go, with several people working seamlessly together from various geographic regions. We are available 24/7, which helps us build excellent relationships with our customers, who have been working with us for years. 

DZ: Could you share with us a milestone in your career in Aerodoc?

CM: I find my role in e-commerce fulfillment very interesting, as we got to work with customers who then brought other companies that were interested in our services thanks to their good experience, our service quality, and the way we help them meet their goals.

DZ: What challenges are Aerodoc’s customers facing today?

CM: The biggest challenge for our customers is that they want to grow, expand, and go big, but sometimes they don’t know where to start, or even whether they can do it or would go over budget. This can frighten companies sometimes.

In the online channel, for instance, some companies may want to start selling in B2B marketplaces but do not want to keep the full stock or incur in high costs, because they do not know about companies like Aerodoc and the time and cost savings we offer.

DZ: How does the company help them overcome those obstacles?

CM: Aerodoc supports them every step of the way in their soft landing in the USA or any marketplace. This is something many of our customers ignore or don’t even ask about.

We can support them as soon as they buy a product overseas with transportation, import, labeling, warehousing or distribution to end customers and marketplaces. Aerodoc can handle the entire supply chain process so the customer can focus on selling and growing.

Many people believe 3PLs are all the same. That’s not true – we stand out because of our customizable solutions.

DZ: To wrap things up, are you seeing new trends in logistics? You can mention trends you have noticed outside Aerodoc.

CM: A strategic trend I have noticed in the logistics industry is the so-called global reach, i.e., companies expanding to every region in the planet. This increases logistics needs. I have also seen a rise of cross-border selling, particularly for B2C. Finally, there are new integrations between logistics SOs and marketplaces, which make it really easy to sell products online to other countries.


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