DDP with IOR: How to Overcome Trade Barriers and Expand Globally

28 Sep 2023

Learn how Aerodoc’s DDP with IOR service provides a comprehensive solution for importation and door-to-door delivery by handling customs and legal matters in the country of destination.

In today’s competitive corporate world, global expansion has become a priority for many companies. However, the process of importing and delivering products in countries where businesses don’t have a legal entity can be complex and challenging.

With this in mind, Aerodoc offers its innovative DDP with IOR (Delivery Duty Paid with Importer of Record) service, an all-encompassing solution for its customers’ import and door-to-door delivery needs.

What Is DDP with IOR?

Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) is defined by Incoterms (International Commerce Terms) as a transaction where the seller is responsible for all costs and risks associated with delivering the products to the buyer at the designated location, including freight, insurance, taxes, tariffs, and other applicable customs duties in the country of destination. Under DDP, the seller must ensure products are delivered in a free, secure way, without customs issues, at the location designated by the buyer.

As for Importer of Record (IOR), this is the role played by an entity or company to meet all legal and customs requirements in the product’s country of destination.

DDP with IOR

With Aerodoc’s DDP with IOR service, the company acts as an Importer of Record in countries where its customers do not have a legal entity, being responsible for meeting customs requirements, obtaining necessary licenses and permits, and making sure the merchandise complies with every regulation in the country of destination.

Aerodoc specializes in providing DDP with IOR services in countries where customers need to export tech/satellite/telecom equipment. It’s a one-stop shop service that ensures seamless door-to-door deliveries, providing a comprehensive solution for delivery and importation logistics.

Aerodoc’s DDP with IOR: The Benefits

Expanded Global Reach

Aerodoc’s DDP with IOR service allows companies to expand their global reach by acting as an importer of services in countries where its customers do not have a legal entity, enabling them to sell, distribute, warehouse, or deliver products in new markets without the need for local infrastructure.

Door-to-door delivery with Import Services

Aerodoc handles the entire logistics chain at origin, including export procedures, customs clearance, international shipping, and import procedures in the country of destination. It also offers pickup, and merchandise inspection services, ensuring seamless delivery.

DDP with IOR

Importer of Record (IOR) for Cross-Border Selling

As an Importer of Record, Aerodoc assumes the responsibility to comply with all legal and customs requirements in the country of destination. This is particularly convenient for companies that wish to sell products in international markets without getting bogged down in complex importation procedures.

Import Compliance/Pre-Compliance

Aerodoc covers every procedure needed to comply with import regulations, including obtaining all licenses, permits, and homologations required by the country of destination. It also performs pre-compliance tasks, ensuring cargo complies with import requirements before its shipment.

Solving Customs Issues

In case of customs issues, Aerodoc resolves them to avoid delays and setbacks during the delivery. Its International Operations team has vast expertise in the customs procedures of every country where Aerodoc operates, allowing for a quick, effective response.

Specialized Services

For customers whose products require customized or extra-careful handling, Aerodoc has specialized delivery services such as White-Glove Delivery and Dedicated Truck.

Why Hire Our DDP with IOR Service?

Aerodoc’s DDP with IOR service is usually hired by companies that need to ship merchandise into a country to provide services in the future but do not have a legal entity there. Its customers are mostly AAA-rated companies, based mainly in the Northern Hemisphere, that seek to expand into international markets.

DDP with IOR service

With its DDP with IOR service, Aerodoc helps these companies import their assets into countries where they prefer not to get involved in import procedures, acting as their reliable partner for every procedure and allowing them to focus on their core business and expand globally with efficiency.

Aerodoc’s Differentiators and Benefits

Aerodoc’s DDP with IOR service stands out among logistics operators for several reasons. First, Aerodoc is directly involved in importing products into the country of destination, unlike conventional logistics operators, which handle only shipping and delivery.

Second, Aerodoc has 25-plus years’ experience in logistics, with extensive knowledge about the specific complexities and challenges of importing technological and telecommunications products. Its specialized approach to that niche allows it to provide customized, efficient solutions to customers.

Another of Aerodoc’s highlights is its full hands-on approach – whether through its in-house International Operations team or through agents with whom the company has longstanding business relationships, Aerodoc ensures every procedure is carried out effectively and seamlessly. This approach allows Aerodoc to provide a high-quality, reliable service.

Aerodoc also has a solid reputation in the technology, broadcasting, and satellite industries. Its expertise and know-how in those verticals make it an ideal partner for companies. Aerodoc understands what those customers need and tailors its services to their specific requirements.

Aerodoc’s DDP with IOR service is a comprehensive solution that helps companies expand their global reach by helping them import and deliver their products from door to door in countries where they do not have a legal presence.

With advantages like its role as an Importer of Record, customs compliance, problem-solving, and its sizable expertise in the field, Aerodoc is a secure, efficient collaborator for organizations looking to expand around the world.

If you’re in search of a service like ours, get in touch with us today. Our team of seasoned professionals is ready to assist with all your requirements.

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