How a Satellite Operator Handles Door-to-Door Dish Delivery in Latin America and the Caribbean

25 Oct 2022

The satellite industry runs on patience, time, and especially logistics. From satellites orbiting the Earth to dishes, global operators face a major double challenge: manufacturing sophisticated technology and shipping it carefully around the world.

Leading manufacturers know they can rely on allies such as Aerodoc to ship and import products to dozens of countries and meet their global goals. How do we do that? Read the case study below to find out:

Customer challenge

One of the world’s leading telecommunications satellite operators, with a fleet of over 70 units and 30-plus years of experience, wanted to deliver 2,200 12-foot satellite dishes to Latin America and the Caribbean. This company has a vast land network and satellite infrastructure in the Earth’s geosynchronous equatorial orbit and intermediate circular orbit. It aims to provide video, data, and content solutions that connect millions of people in dozens of countries and support over 50 governmental institutions with reliable, robust, and secure network services.

Aerodoc’s solution

Aerodoc initially handled contacts and managed relationships with several dish providers to avoid deployment time issues, leading to the selection of a Chinese vendor with greater manufacturing capabilities than local and American companies. Furthermore, a dish was designed with uniquely manipulable packaging to reduce logistics costs and make deliveries easier using smaller parcels.


The challenge was clear: manufacturing, packaging, and delivering 2,200 12-foot satellite dishes door-to-door in an entire region. The main hurdles were the product’s sophisticated manufacturing process, which required close coordination with the provider; shipments to the USA, and batch allocations to different countries. Our value as allies came from our work carrying out deliveries throughout the region, including remote areas with complex local delivery, and handling large-sized parcels.


The global satellite operator managed to distribute its dishes throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Aerodoc’s presence allowed the company to complete the process, from manufacturing to door-to-door delivery, with technical support to install the dishes. Aerodoc also designed and created the perfect packaging to ensure every dish reached its destination as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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