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Néstor Medina: “Conversations Are Essential, As You Can Really Feel What Customers Expect From Our Work”

21 Jun 2023

Aerodoc Sales Director Néstor Medina is our guest on the latest edition of A Cup of Coffee With…, our ongoing series of talks with Aerodoc’s executives about their work, where we let them showcase their expert take on our customers’ most pressing issues. In an interview with Aerodoc COO Dan Zonnenschein, Medina stressed the importance of communication and the human value in a global company such as Aerodoc.

Dan Zonnenschein: Hi, Néstor! Thank you for joining us for A Cup of Coffee With… How did you start your career and your journey in Aerodoc?

Néstor Medina: I have a degree in Business Administration and majored in Business Development. I began my career as an intern in college, in specialized heavy industry, more specifically military aviation. My first job was at my native Córdoba’s Aircraft Factory. Back then I was also an English Assistant Teacher for the Argentinian Air Force; I taught English lessons for the military personnel deployed with the UN’s Blue Helmets.

Sometime later, I travelled for work to United Arab Emirates, also as a Business Development Manager. During my stint there, thanks to my company’s work methodology, which involved forming multidisciplinary teams, I got into closer contact with logistics, but always focusing on spare parts and commodities.

DZ: Where do you feel that Aerodoc’s company values intersect with your own?

NM: I have always been a true believer in teamwork. I firmly believe you can get a lot of synergies with a well-built, consistent team. That’s one of Aerodoc greatest differentiators – its human group, especially as a GROUP. While our job does not have high exposure, it is visible through its results. Getting the different areas to interact with each other focuses the entire organization on customers.

DZ: In your experience, do you see any new challenges regarding customers?

NM: Thanks to technological progress, we can now add tracking devices to provide our customers a more detailed follow-up. This forces Aerodoc to maintain high quality standards to minimize mistakes or operational issues. I believe that the markets we are in and those we want to enter into have become much more demanding than a few years ago, before this information boom.

DZ: Have you felt at some point that the aftermath of the pandemic has had an impact on this?

NM: I believe that we have not fully quantified the aftermath of the pandemic or understood its true long-term impact yet. Organizations are adapting to new realities such as hybrid work and the increased importance of our assets’ mental health. Nevertheless, I think that broadly speaking, several changes are underway. For example, the market needs increasingly competitive prices and is forcing businesses to become far more efficient than before the pandemic.

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DZ: Are you seeing any incoming trends in logistics?

NM: Undoubtedly. In this time of quick messaging and e-mails, we no longer read between the lines – we are not paying attention to things like a person’s voice tone and body language. In this context, customizing our interactions with customers can be a big plus. Conversations are essential, as you can really feel how customers are doing, their needs, and specially, what they expect from our work.

This is not a mere detail. We must regard our work as a global reach that leads us to a multicultural environment; other communication methods (e-mails, messaging, etc.) may be effective, but they often lead us to overlook what’s important for us: trying to understand the customer’s needs and desires to satisfy them.

DZ: Have you seen anything like that in Aerodoc? 

NM: I believe that seeing customers as partners makes Aerodoc stand out. Although customs regulations are getting stricter, especially in Latin America, we are always on the lookout for the best-suited solutions for our customers’ needs, always trying to be as efficient as possible.

DZ: Thank you for joining us, Néstor. Finally, tell us a bit about yourself. What do you like doing? Who do you admire?

NM: I like cinema. I’m a Gen-Xer. Star Wars is one of my favorite movies, but my guilty pleasure is Casablanca. Since I always wanted to be a physicist, Nikola Tesla and Thomas Alva Edison are two heroes for me; I’m such an Edison fan that I also restore phonographs. I have always found the early 20th century fascinating.


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