The Key To Efficient RMA In Any Country Worldwide

16 Apr 2024

With experience in over 170 countries, Aerodoc has the capacity and technology to guarantee fast and accurate returns.

A robust Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) system is critical for technology companies to efficiently manage product returns and comply with warranty and regulatory requirements.

It also helps establish a structured process for handling defective, damaged, or unsatisfactory product returns. This streamlines the returns process, increasing customer satisfaction and maintaining a positive brand reputation.

At Aerodoc, we’ve been working with companies that need logistical support to manage this process for over two decades. Many of our clients deal with large volumes of physical and electronic equipment across multiple countries and continents. Returning equipment to the factory for repair or replacement sometimes involves transporting the load from one continent to another. With experience in over 170 countries, Aerodoc can ensure fast and timely returns to any country in the world.

Francisco Ricci, International Logistics Research and Development Director, explains that RMA logistics services are provided when companies – especially in the technology sector – need to return damaged equipment to its point of origin, usually where the factories are located, for repair or replacement as required by the warranty.

“Companies that sell these technologies are bound by the manufacturer’s warranties. It’s therefore in their interest to ensure that the equipment reaches the user within the warranty period, so that if it is damaged, it can be replaced free of charge,” says Ricci.

The Key to Warranty Compliance

Estefanía Sisatzky, EVP of OPS & Customer Service at Aerodoc, explains that Aerodoc’s customer inventory management technology allows to optimize the warranty system to the fullest.

“The companies that hire us purchase large quantities of hardware for a specific project and then send it to our warehouse. In some cases, the project for which they bought the hardware lasts a year and a half, and they have a two-year warranty,” explains the specialist. “The customer often makes partial purchases during this year and a half. As a result, Aerodoc has inventory with different shelf lives,” she continues.

Our technology ensures that we always remove the oldest products first. “Our portal, which is also accessible to the customer, proposes the selection of serial numbers according to the First In – First Out (FIFO) concept. If our customers want us to handle the warranty, we also can enter the warranty date into the system as information,” Sisatzky continues.

Benefits of Having RMA Logistic Service

A technology company needs RMA services for several reasons:

Improved customer experience

An efficient RMA process can turn a potentially negative situation – such as returning a defective product – into a positive one, ensuring long-term customer loyalty.

Organized returns

It helps track and process returns systematically, ensuring that all returns are handled promptly and accurately, which improves inventory management and reduces errors.

Inventory management insights

Provides valuable insight into the types and frequency of product returns, helping to manage inventory more effectively and reduce out-of-stocks.

Regulatory compliance

Ensures that a company complies with industry regulations regarding product returns, which can help avoid legal complications and protect the company’s reputation.

A logistics company can provide RMA services on a global scale by:

  • Providing a centralized returns process with clear and consistent guidelines.
  • Leveraging international shipping solutions and local warehouses to effectively manage returns in different regions.
  • Implementing a tracking system to monitor returns and communicate with customers about the status of their RMA.

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Aerodoc’s RMA Logistics Solutions Process

Customer Initiation

  • The customer logs into the Aerodoc portal and submits an RMA request, detailing the equipment they need to return, the nature of the problem, and any relevant warranty information.

RMA Verification

  • Aerodoc reviews the RMA request to verify the product information and the nature of the problem.
  • Logistical eligibility for return is confirmed according to client guidelines.

RMA Authorization and Instructions

  • Once the request is approved, Aerodoc issues an RMA number to the customer.
  • Aerodoc provides the customer with detailed instructions for packaging and shipping the equipment, including providing packaging materials if necessary.

Logistic Coordination

  • Aerodoc arranges for the collection of the equipment from the customer’s location, leveraging its international logistics network.
  • The customer is provided with tracking information and updates on the return process.

Equipment Reception

  • Upon receiving the returned equipment, Aerodoc confirms its arrival and registers the equipment in its system.
  • The equipment is securely stored, awaiting further instructions from the customer or the manufacturer.

Return Logistics

  • Based on customer or manufacturer instructions, Aerodoc coordinates logistics to resend the equipment to the designated repair center or factory.
  • Aerodoc ensures the equipment is shipped safely and efficiently, providing tracking information for this stage of the journey as well.

Customer-Manufacturer Coordination

  • Aerodoc acts as an intermediary, ensuring smooth communication between the customer and the manufacturer or repair center regarding the status of the returned item.
  • The customer is kept informed about the status and any changes in the return process.

Inventory Management and Reporting

  • Aerodoc updates the inventory status for the returned equipment in the Aerodoc portal.
  • Customers can access real-time updates and manage their returned items through the Aerodoc portal.

Customer Satisfaction and Feedback

  • Upon completing the logistics process, Aerodoc follows up with the customer to ensure satisfaction with the logistical aspects of the RMA process.
  • Customer feedback is collected to continuously improve the service.

This optimized process ensures that Aerodoc provides a focused and efficient logistical service for the return of electronic equipment, without directly involving repair or replacement operations.

If you have questions about this service, please contact our team of experts.

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