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How an Antenna Provider Managed to Test Its New Satellite Development in Time

5 Dec 2022

Innovating and standing out in the competitive and complex satellite industry is truly challenging. Investments in research in this market are often slowed due to the need to get products tested and approved in global leading countries such as the USA.

An alternative with the potential for truly impressive results is looking for strategic partners and allies to streamline activities such as exports, shipments, and imports of technologies waiting for approval. That’s exactly what this satellite service provider was looking for when it approached Aerodoc.

Customer challenge

Our customer, an England-based company specializing in satellite antenna technology and multi-band antennas, had developed a smart fifth-generation terminal that can connect with every satellite, orbit, and land network. Its innovative Service Enablement Platform offers a resilient network and unmatched app performance, ensuring connection through sea, land, and air. It was an excellent product, but its success depended on approval from US regulators.

Aerodoc’s solution

Aerodoc provided a Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) with an Importer of Record service from the United Kingdom to the USA so the US government could test a solution. Our customer covered all costs including imports, which isn’t always the case, as costs are sometimes paid by the buyer. Later, Aerodoc provided shipment services, including acting as an IOR, requesting relevant import permits, and handling customs clearance.


The delivery had a very specific date, as testing could not be performed after the agreed date. The solution also had to be complete by then. However, as it was a new development, our customer delayed the delivery of the product – suddenly, Aerodoc faced the huge challenge of carrying out the entire project within a 72-hour window.


Despite this tight deadline, we managed to complete the process in time and leave our customer satisfied. How? By working with teams in the UK and the USA, making multiple local and international transportation reservations, performing comprehensive pre-compliance to prevent any surprises, and deploying 24/7 coordination throughout the project and in the last days before execution.

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