Our Challenges For 2024: Consolidation and Consistent Growth

4 Jan 2024

We invite you to read the annual letter from Dan Zonnenschein, COO at Aerodoc, where he summarizes Aerodoc’s journey throughout 2023 and offers insights into what lies ahead in this new year that has just begun.

Just like we had expected, 2023 was a complex year, not only because of international conflicts but also because the world slowly started to leave the post-pandemic behind, causing delivery delays at the world’s largest electronics manufacturers. This had an impact on our clients and the logistics industry as a whole.

Despite these headwinds, we had a great year at Aerodoc –12 months of consolidation and growth, especially for our AWMS services, and the expansion of our warehousing capacities in Europe and Latin America.

Another source of growth for us was fulfillment, as we helped small entrepreneurs open businesses in the USA with affordable, variable costs. We also expanded our IOR services, adding new clients in technology and telecommunications.

Similarly, we strengthened our strategic role as service providers for multiple companies in the logistics vertical and IOR providers that use Aerodoc as their operational backend.

Expanding Further

All this growth helped us expand further. This year, we had strong growth in Asia and Africa, although the Caribbean and Latin America remain our core markets.

Inside Latin America, we greatly expanded our services to Mexico and Brazil through our own operations and strategic business partners, and Aerodoc will continue to invest in both markets. In the case of Argentina, I believe the arrival of a new government can also be an interesting growth opportunity.

This was possible despite a complex global economic and geopolitical scenario. Back in late 2022, when we set our expectations for 2023, we were aware of the challenges ahead. Twelve months later, we were proven right, as evidenced in a crucial market for us, Argentina, where import permits became hard to obtain.

Nevertheless, Aerodoc managed to overcome these obstacles and challenges by providing a vast array of solutions to its clients.

Talent, Clients, and Partners

In 2023, we added new talent, expanding our support structure to improve customer service,  and continued to develop IT solutions to make information more accessible and meet requirements faster.

In the context of permanent change, retaining talent and staying attractive as a place to work is always a challenge for Aerodoc. In this sense, we worked hard to help our clients and collaborators.

We could sum up our claim as: “We’re here with you”. We believe in mutually-beneficial long-term relationships with our clients, suppliers, and collaborators.

Naturally, we will keep up that hard work in whatever needs improving in 2024. We will also strive to ensure all our stakeholders have a virtuous relationship in every contact with Aerodoc.

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To do so, we will continue to work to improve our efficiency with our clients, generate more business to have a productive relationship with our providers and maintain an attractive workplace for our collaborators where everyone can thrive working together.

Our Outlook For 2024 

As for 2024, we can see that the Israel-Hamas conflict has mired the world in uncertainty, with many unanswered questions. We cannot predict, for example, if this conflict will have a regional or global impact, or if it will affect fuel costs.

Another key event will be the US elections. Electoral years are often dominated by that issue, so we will keep close track of every potential change in politics and international trade brought by a new Administration.

That said, we understand that Aerodoc’s evolution will be driven by significant investments in both business development and marketing, with growth forecasts well above the market average.

Aerodoc will continue to bet on its core business and markets while expanding further in Asia. Furthermore, we expect to grow significantly in markets such as Mexico and Brazil and support the development of new companies that require RMA services and major projects in the satellite industry. We do long-term business, partnering with clients in leadership and growth positions.

We close out 2023 after surpassing our annual goals, ready for an even more challenging 2024. 


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