The Key that Many Companies Ignore Before Importing into Multiple Countries

A key factor in the success of your international expansion is the location of your warehouse and how you manage it.

Land in the US CEO Agustina Laredo: “Aerodoc is Our Primary Warehousing and Distribution Partner”

In today’s edition, Aerodoc’s Head of Business Development, Carolina Müller, sat down with  Agustina García Laredo, Founder & CEO of Land in the US, a company that works with Latin American retailers wishing to reach the US market. Land in the US’ mission is to help them communicate, plan, and implement a successful strategy to enter the country.

Cross-Docking: Reducing Costs and Accelerating Deliveries

This methodology allows to reduce inventory levels and cut warehousing costs, benefitting both companies and customers.

Outsourcing Part Or All Your Company’s Warehousing Operations To Aerodoc

Aerodoc Warehouse Managed Services (AWMS) is an ideal solution for companies that are not ready to fully outsource their warehouse operations.

Why Miami is a Key Logistics Hub to Reach Latin America and the Caribbean

The Southern Florida city has become a strategic hub for air and sea freight. According to a report from Investment Monitor, more than 70% of Florida’s exports go to Latin America.

Warehouse vs. Distribution Center: What’s the Difference?

Both are key components of corporate logistics processes, but warehouses and distribution centers have significant differences.

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